Dress Code

For both boys and girls, all school uniforms will be purchased from Flynn & O’Hara. Summer Uniform begins the first day of school to 10/15 and 4/15 to the end of the school year. Winter Uniform is worn from 10/15 to 4/14 within the school year. On dress down days, follow the below guidelines for what can be worn.


For Girls Summer/Winter Uniform K-8

  •  Uniform Navy or Khaki shorts with black or brown belt (grades  2-8) and SH polo shirt (Summer only)
  •  Uniform jumper with white peter pan collar shirt or short sleeve white or light blue polo for K-4
  •  Uniform Navy Blue or Khaki pants with black or brown belt (grades 2-8) with SH white or light blue polo
  •  Uniform skirt, plaid, khaki, or navy, (no shorter than 2 inches above the knee), for Grades 5-8 with SH polo
  •  Uniform school logo sweater or school logo hoodie
  •  White or navy crew socks or knee high socks
  • School shoes (brown, black, or navy blue – no higher heels than 1"); No moccasin-like or slipper-like shoes may be worn.

For Boys Summer/Winter Uniform

  • Uniform Navy or Khaki shorts with black or brown belt (grades 2-8) and SH polo shirt (Summer only)
  • Uniform navy or khaki pants with black or brown belt (grades 2-8) and SH polo shirt
  • Uniform school logo sweater or school logo hoodie
  • White, navy, or black crew socks (above the ankle/no logos)
  • School shoes (NO VANS OR SKETCHERS) that are black or brown dress-like shoe

Gym Uniform BOYS & GIRLS ~ GRADE K – 8

  • Summer Uniform – beginning of school to 10/15 and 4/15 to end of school year:
  •  Plain black gym shorts -no pockets or black SH logo shorts (Summer only)
  • May wear SH gym shorts during gym class only – must wear gym shorts under sweatpants to school for Winter
  • Plain black sweatpants or with Indian logo (NO pull off sweats)
  • Gold SH t-shirt, SH athletic t-shirt
  •  SH sweatshirts may be worn over your regulation t-shirt
  • White crew socks (above the ankle) or black socks (above the ankle)
  •  Sneakers

Dress Down Dress Code

Students may wear jeans, sneakers, sweatshirts, sweaters, or t-shirts. Denim jeans or pants are not tight-fitting and must be clean, have no holes, and fit properly. T-shirts must be appropriate with no obscene sayings or images, rock groups, or inappropriate jokes. Shorts of appropriate length (no more than 3 inches above the knee) are permitted during the summer uniform.

Socks, stockings, shoes. (No high heels, clogs, or flip-flops)


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